Genetic defects high in kids of blood relatives

Q I am going be married to my mother’s, brother’s son. Therefore, he is my cousin. Will we have normal children as I heard that when cousins marry the child isn’t born normal. Is this true?

It is true to a great extent. The incidence of still births, birth defects, blinding disorders, blood related problems and a deficient immune system is reported to be high in children born out of consanguineous marriages (marriages between blood relatives).

This again depends on the presence of defective genes being carried by the parents who would have inherited them from their ancestors. First cousins, as in your case, are reported to share 12.5 percent of their inherited genetic material as it originates from a common ancestor. In such situations, if there are any “silent” genetic defects, then such errors manifesting as a disease in the child of consanguineous parents is high. Other health factors of the parents can also be responsible for these defects.

Q I am 62 years old and suffer from a retrograded ejaculation problem. I developed the problem after a prostate operation that I underwent nine months ago. I also suffered from erectile dysfunction when the prostate developed around five years ago. What should I do about this problem?

In retrograde ejaculation, the semen travels backwards into the urinary bladder instead of coming out. As for sex, there will be no problem as the man can get an erection and can have sexual intercourse.

Retrograde ejaculation will only affect the ability to impregnate a woman. Yes, erections may be adversely affected in prostatic enlargement but since the problematic prostate has been removed, you should have no problems. Other causes of erectile dysfunction may be operative in your case. Check with a specialist.

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Content Courtesy:Deccan Chronicle