Ponting supports Dhoni upon UDRS

Indian skipper MS Dhoni isn’t the only cricketer who’s concerns about the utilisation of the UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System). MS Dhoni opinions were echoed by Australian skipper Ricky Ponting, on Friday. “There have been various opinion of the similar in the past couple of days. The key reason for that being the various understanding by the umpires on what’s correct and what’s not,Ponting explained.

M.S Dhoni gets Support from Australian Skipper

Indian skipper was not happy with an LBW judgement against Ian Bell that gone in England’s prefer during their group game previous week.The final decision confirmed important as Ian Bell, who was on 17 when the scene happened, finally made 69 important runs. The game was tantalisingly set till it ultimately resulted in a fantastic draw.

Australian skipper considered utilizing the Review System without having the hot spot was the main reason behind all the problems.“ The space where the ball strikes and how far it has to go just before it strikes the stumps, those kinds of situations are crucial … At the beginning of the event, when we identified they are employing the Review System minus the hot spot, it’s a bit of a surprise for us. I believe the hot spot needs to be a component of the system,” Australian skipper insisted.