RGV Pelli under 3 Director's Direction including Him

Recently Ram Gopal Varma made a movie Dongala Muta without giving remuneration to actors, where as he said that the profits will be shared to all. Now he is planning to make a movie “Pelli”, where as this movie also directed by two more directors.

This “Pelli” movie will be directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Puri Jagannath and Harish Shankar. In which the movie will be realted to three married couples, where as these three couples story is different. How these couples will met together? How their story will start? What will happen after they met is the suspense for now.

As the more information on Varama movie “Pelli” is not yet known, he do not want to disclose the names of the couples, which has to be seen in the “Pelli” movie only.